Going Back to the Ocean

Huali Qu & Lucy Hui | online | 2021

Sustainable snorkel set made from algae-based materials, enhancing user experience while prioritizing sustainability.

Sustainability / Wearable Design / Product Design / User Experience Design


Huali Qu | CA | 2019

Revolutionary running shoe that transforms form and appearance, aiding heel strikers to become mid-foot strikers, available for all genders.

Footwear Design / Softgoods / Storytelling-Driven / Concept Design


Huali Qu | online | 2021

Sparks is a platform to launch or join into street fitness events to gather people into communities based on their fitness hobbies and start fitness anytime, anywhere, in any form.

UI/UX Design / Mobile App / Graphic Design / Branding / Experience Design


Huali Qu | CA | 2019

An instant camera and printer that creates simple outlines of photos for watercolor, enabling users to paint and preserve their cherished life memories.

Brand Strategy / Product Design / Leisure and Hobbies / Consumer Product

Dyson Drill

Huali Qu | Shanghai | 2018

The drill-vacuum combo for a spotless home. Powerful and versatile, it revolutionizes maintenance. Say goodbye to clutter with Dyson's innovative solution.

Brand Strategy / Industrial Desgin / Common Core Practice