student project designed by Huali Qu | 2021 | CA | UIUX Design.

Sparks is the platform that connects fitness enthusiasts, allowing them to launch or join outdoor fitness events based on their interests and start their fitness journey anytime, anywhere, and in any form, fostering vibrant fitness communities.

Outdoor / community / metropolitan

As natural human beings, we are born to be active and to do exercise anytime, anywhere, in any form. However, as the cities are expanding, our fitness becomes indoors and limited in gyms or homes, limited by being accurate and scientific.

Go back to our natural fitness way, that’s the goal of Sparks. Sparks is about outdoor, community and human well-being in metropolitans.

How could we... ?

1. How could we find places to do outdoor fitness in metropolitans?

2. How could we find people who have the same fitness interests with us and gather them immediately?

3. How could we do fitness in a free way without instructions?

Siqian Li, Sale, Located in Shenzhen

A fashion young seller working in Shenzhen for 2 years, sharing an apartment with roommates and dislike gyms. She works late every day and goes home by subway. She doesn't want to spend money on Gym Annual Card, and she's not motivated to do fitness by herself.  She likes to be with friends and follow trends.

“Gym sounds like pressure for me. I need to pay and I need to go there on my precious leisure time and give myself even more requirement.”
“I’m bored with all those frames telling me ‘you should do this’ or ‘you should do that’.  I just want to be casual and get out of those supposes on me.”

Project Description

Sparks is a comprehensive platform that facilitates street fitness activities, bringing together individuals with shared fitness hobbies to foster communities and enabling them to embrace fitness anytime, anywhere, and in any form.

Our platform provides a range of essential services, including event information publication for sponsors, gathering interested participants, prop rentals, and documenting the process through video and photo sharing with participants.

find your fitness type

Whenusers come to Sparks world, they can find their fitness type from SparksUniverse, whatever they like, even without signing up.

Hundreds of types of fitness events published by the platform and users:  HIIT, yoga, free dance, and something never appeared in your head like basketball or performance. Everyone could find their fitness community with Sparks.

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