About Groove

Groove is a highly popular and successful track lighting system created by the Elite team. It has gained widespread recognition and acclaim since its launch at Light Fair in Las Vegas in June 2022.
Meticulously designed and refined by a collaborative team of designers, engineers, and professionals, Groove has become a sought-after choice in the lighting industry. As the project lead, I am proud to have contributed to its success and continue to support Elite in delivering the exceptional Groove experience to our clients.

The Groove 48V DC track system is a sleek and versatile lighting solution. It features compact track heads that easily click into place, allowing for interchangeable luminaires. The system offers multiple installation options and can be integrated into various ceiling and wall applications. With customizable connector accessories, dynamic designs can be created beyond flat surfaces.
The system supports concealed or remote placement of drivers and can power runs up to 65' long. Fixtures can be installed individually or combined for continuous illumination. The track heads come in different styles and offer precise beam control with field-changeable optics.
The Groove track system is ideal for accent, task, and general illumination in spaces such as galleries, museums, retail areas, offices, and homes.

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Luminaire Options

Recessed Mount

Trimless / Flanged Recessed Mount | Black Track Finish

Trimless / Flanged Recessed Mount | White Track Finish

Surface / Ceiling Mount

Surface, Ceiling Mount | White Track Finish

Surface, Ceiling Mount | Black Track Finish

Suspended Mount

Suspended Mount | White Track Finish

Suspended Mount with Uplight | Black Track Finish