As an ID intern, I actively participated in the transformative third and fourth phases of the Alpha Smart Car Washer project, collaborating with Frog Design and YIGOLI. With unwavering dedication, our team aimed to push boundaries and achieve perfection in every aspect.

Alpha Smart Car Washer, a cutting-edge collaboration, combines minimalist design and advanced technology to revolutionize the car wash experience. Unlike traditional setups, Alpha offers greater flexibility in setting up spaces, making it adaptable for individual users. This revolutionary solution delivers unmatched speed and efficiency, providing a new standard in car washing that exceeds current norms.

Learn more about Alpha at
Learn more about Alpha at

design stage 1.0

alpha with FAN DOOR FRAME & ARM

Featuring a sleek and slim profile as its main design concept, the frame corners are rounded to bring a warm and friendly touch. The side combines intersecting panels to create functional ambient lighting strips, cleverly shaping an arrow-like appearance with a meaningful heritage.

Alignment of QR Code and HMI Display Screen on Dragon Door Side, Creating a Clean and Minimalist Visual Effect.

The Fan's Design Complements the Rounded Corners of the Dragon Door Frame, with a Smooth and Concentrated Air Outlet Below, Combining Softness and Functionality.

design stage 2.0

alpha with FAN DOOR FRAME & ARM

design stage 3.0

Trackless Operation System

Unified, Sleek, and Minimalistic

As the doors swing open, a wave of anticipation fills the air, accompanied by an undeniable sense of ceremony.

With its innovative design, the robot features a concealed lifting brush that can be elevated to effectively clean the top of vehicles. The Bristle Brush Can Be Rotated 90 Degrees Horizontally to Clean the Engine Hood and Car Roof. Say goodbye to inaccessible areas and enjoy a thorough car wash like never before.

6 Robots, Maximum Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of Teamwork in Car Washing.


alpha lauch event

design stage 4.0

car washer & dryer robots

alpha 3.0

alpha 4.0

alpha lauch event

“L” Support column design

dryer robot design

Consistent with the Alpha Car Washer Robot, the Dryer Robot is designed to seamlessly integrate into the system. Drawing inspiration from the Alpha robot, we identified three key elements that formed the foundation for the dryer's development.

support frame design



experience design for the 1st store: “Car Superhero”